Things to look for in support while buying an ERP

In today’s world, an ERP software needs to be not only business vertical specific, but also flexible enough to support the ever-changing business models.

The investment for a robust and dynamic system doesn’t end at optimal and integrated use of ERP software. You need to ensure that you have a reliable Support from the product vendor to help fine tune the ERP as the business dynamics change over a period of time. Another important element is the availability of training support as there is a constant need for re-training the new staff that comes in.

Some of the key elements that one should ask their ERP vendors’ to provide are:

User manual and training videos

Through visual elements and interactive demonstrations, the team should be able to organise user manual and training videos that focus on the features and functions of the products and services. With multi-language support, get access to the information you need at your ease and convenience. The videos are intuitive and proactive in nature to help you resolve the basic glitches, thereby, removing the hassle for physical visits.

Prompt responses with minimal turn-around time SLA

The Support team should be able to understand your queries and accordingly identify, research, prioritize, and resolve the issues on a prompt and proactive basis. They provide the enhancement inputs to the Service Management team as requested by the end user. The surest way to achieve this is to have functionally competent support executives.

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