Product Analytics is a critical part of the SIGNUM Customer Analytics solutions, offered by Suntech, the global technology solutions leader in the jewellery sector. SIGNUM Products Analytics solutions unearth critical insights that help organizations in the sector, design better, more desirable and popular products.

Leverage the Powers of Advanced Analytics

The solutions come with a range of tools that provide vital information about how people relate with your product, what features they use, and what user activities associate with long-term value. The business insights you get help you make smarter decisions about your offerings.

The tools enable you to gauge the success of any feature or experience and drive product-based decisions to meet your larger business objectives. In short, the tools allow you to extract new correlations that can substantially improve your business.

Jewellery Specific Recommendation Systems

SIGNUM’s Product Analytics solutions feature jewellery business specific Recommendation Systems, which enable you to leverage the powers of advanced analytics technologies. This helps you get the most value from your customer data, and offer highly pleasing experiences for your potential and existing customers.

The Recommendation Systems apply both prescriptive and predictive analytics to give you customer persona-based beneficial insights. By using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to evaluate interactions of the customer, they help you develop and market products as per the customer requirements and preferences.

SIGNUM’s Product Analytics – Key Features / Benefits
  • Make the right offer at the right time to the right customer, resulting in a better possibility of conversion and additional money gained per transaction

  • Develop products that are more preferred by the customer, helping in customer retention

  • Improved customer engagements and activities on your product or communication platforms

  • Consistently adjust to the preferences of the customer

  • Develop and execute custom-made product recommendations

  • Improve upsell and cross-sell opportunities

  • Decrease costs related to targeted marketing

  • Enables your sales and marketing staff to focus their time and effort on other vital activities

  • Create campaigns that personally connect with the target audience

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