Product pricing decisions affect almost every aspect of your enterprise. SIGNUM’s Price Analytics solutions, a part of its Customer Analytics, provide businesses in the jewellery sector with information and tools that they require to take advantageous pricing decisions to positively influence their revenues and also profits.

It helps you efficiently assess price-change drivers based on customer behavior, giving you a data-driven method to arrive at the right pricing for your products.

Influence Your Revenues and Profit Positively

The solutions take into consideration comparative price points, demand elasticity procedures and optimization to help fix prices that will enhance profits. They also cover profiling transactions, customers, retail outlets and your jewellery product features to understand what aspects are associated with gainful transactions or decrease in margin.

Suntech’s technology allows you to precisely forecast demand and execute inventory plan in time. This helps you do away with inventory waste and divert amount saved to products the customer wants the most, which in turn, gives them better pricing and experience. You can adjust prices in real-time, using the Dynamic Pricing solutions.

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