A part of SIGNUM’s Customer Analytics solutions, Interaction Analytics is meticulously designed to convert your customers’ omnichannel interactions into compelling insights. These insights will enable you to ensure the desired business results. The focus is on increasing customer conversions from visitation to buying your branded products.

Get Valuable Business Insights from Omni-channel Interactions

We understand that your average customer interacts with your enterprise in multiple ways, using several communication platforms, such as email, website online forms, chat, social media channels, telephone calls, and surveys, among others. Our solution extracts valuable insights into these interactions and converts them into brand loyalty among customers while ensuring better business results and agent efficiency.

Jewellery Specific Recommendation Systems

SIGNUM’s Interaction Analytics unearths the trends and conducts root-cause analysis to bring down costs and enhance customer experience and profits.

How You Benefit – SIGNUM’s Interaction Analytics
  • Increase customer visitations

  • Meet sales and marketing goals

  • Improve customer satisfaction rates

  • Offer better product and services

  • Optimize multiple marketing channels

  • Make insightful enhancement to overall sales targets

  • Augment customer loyalty

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