One of the key elements of the SIGNUM Customer Analytics solutions offered by Suntech, the world leader in jewellery sector technology solutions, is Customer Segmentation, which is primarily based on the Markov Decision Process.

Our Artificial Intelligence (AI) oriented Customer Segmentation solutions helps enterprises in the jewellery industry transform their brand and marketing initiatives to successfully target the right audience segment. It does so with the help of Business Intelligence (BI) and analytics, after effectively classifying different customer categories and profiles.

Leverage the Proven Markov Decision Process

With advanced AI technologies, customer information is analyzed and separated into respective product listing for diverse customer categories. As a result, you are able to find the most valuable client categories and successfully market to them.

Customer Segmentation is done on the basis of various parameters falling under categories, such as behavior, lifestyle, region, profession, and personal information like age, gender, family and religion, and others. These enable you to plan the most appropriate messaging and marketing content to promote your offerings among the most appropriate customer type.

Capitalizing on the Markov Decision Process

Suntech bases Customer Segmentation on the Markov Decision Process because it features technology-driven customer behavior predictions, focusing on probability and expected value of this behavior. This methodology best suits one-on-one marketing to customers and also, helps businesses advantageously manage and enhance their relationship with customers individually.

Markov Decision Process – Your Benefit
  • Advantageous customer categorization

  • Develop and market products, based on precise customer requirements

  • Target the right customer segment to promote products

  • Brand building by targeting customers who are most likely to buy

  • Transform your brand to suit new markets and customer segments

  • Build your brand in the most cost-effective way with right targeting

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