Behavioral Segmentation, a vital component of Suntech’s Customer Analytics solutions, helps you get the desired results from marketing initiatives, by capitalizing on data-driven analytics of customer behavior. The solutions are offered in collaboration with SIGNUM Solutions, a leading name in Business Analytics solutions.

Leveraging Customer Behavior Trends in the Jewellery Market

The solutions segment customers on the basis of behaviors across a number of parameters, such as their know-how, approach towards, use of, likes or dislikes of, or reaction to a particular product, service, campaign, offer, brand or company, in the jewellery sector. These behavioral patterns are combined with other fundamental customer-specific information, such as likes, dislikes, gender, age, region and profession, among others.

SIGNUM Customer Analytics solutions, using Behavioral Segmentation

  • Leverage opportunities to enhance customer experience

  • Conceive marketing plans to increase number of customers

  • Realize how to meet specific demands of customer groups

  • Fine-tune your products / services as per customer needs

  • Quantify the precise value of customers groups for your brand

Leveraging the RFMBTC Model

The SIGNUM Behavioral Segmentation framework uses the RFMBTC (Recency, Frequency, Monetary, Breadth, Tenure, Clumpiness) Model, which can gauge the probabilities of a customer buying at your next campaign or offer. The model provides enhanced predictive precision, as it also takes into account the estimated value of the number of times that the customer will buy in the future.

SIGNUM Customer Analytics – How You Benefit
  • Comprehend the likes, dislikes of existing and potential customers

  • Pinpoint customers who can make purchases

  • Understand which customer category is likely to buy, and when

  • Develop more effective campaigns

  • Monitor behavioral changes to make predictive strategies

  • Recognize purchasing trends and market accordingly

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