The wholesale operation of jewellery businesses is transaction heavy, involving voluminous data and big finances. This makes it more pertinent for jewellery sector enterprises for whom wholesale distribution is a part of the business, to invest in advanced Business Analytics solutions.

Suntech, the global technology solutions leader for the jewellery sector, offers SIGNUM Business Analytics solutions fine-tuned as per the best business practices in each operation of the sector, including wholesale distribution.

Advanced Business Analytics for Wholesale Operations

SIGNUM’s Wholesale Analytics solutions use the latest Business Intelligence (BI) technologies to transform raw data into actionable insights, to support better decision-making. They feature analysis, data mining, reporting and querying applications, giving you the intelligence to decrease expenses, recognize new revenue opportunities, build data-driven strategies, and enhance the overall decision-making process.

SIGNUM’s Wholesale Analytics solutions use cognitive tools that embed natural language processing (NLP), giving your business users the power to leverage them optimally with no or negligible support from tech teams. Since they integrate supply chain-specific analytics, you can understand every channel within the distribution chain on a line-by-line basis, giving you an improved scope for taking better decisions.

Key Elements / Benefits – SIGNUM Wholesale Analytics Solutions

  • Augmented forecasting and planning

  • Better project productivity and returns

  • Better management of warehouse operations

  • Decreased inventory and expenses

  • Real-time visibility across multiple operations

  • Improved purchase decisions

  • Smarter decisions, supported by the latest financial data

  • Integration with 3rd party / existing Warehouse Management System

  • On-demand solution, requiring no additional hardware

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