To enhance their margins, organizations in the jewellery business with retail operations, have to capitalize on the capabilities of data analytics. Advanced analytics can help jewellery product retailers enhance both customer support and shopping experience while also, stemming losses and gauging retail outlet performance.

For jewellers with retail operations, Suntech offers SIGNUM Analytics solutions. SIGNUM Solutions is a leading name in Business Analytics solutions worldwide.

Retail Analytics from the World Leader in Jewellery Industry Tech Solutions

The SIGNUM retail analytics solution provides comprehensive customer insights as also insights into the organization’s other processes that are relevant to retail. These processes include customer engagement, sales, and inventory, among others.

SIGNUM retail analytics apply practices like data mining / recovery to streamline data and generate actionable Business Intelligence (BI) insights. They collect voluminous information from multiple systems and devices, including CRM tools, email applications, PoS, and also wearables and others. With advanced analytics, natural language processing queries, and Machine Learning (ML) technologies, they ensure data-driven predictions that retailers can use to augment particular operational facets, boost customer loyalty, and encourage purchases.

By leveraging SIGNUM’s retail analytics solutions, enterprises can classify the right customers as per varied categories, such as gender, personal, age, purchase preferences, buying patterns, regions, and others. Insights arrived at thus, can drive result-oriented retail decisions, leading to better revenue. Retailers can build exceptional experiences at every stage of customer interaction.

Key Elements / Benefits – SIGNUM Retail Analytics Solutions

  • Discover new revenue, customer category and market opportunities

  • Improve operational efficiency with consistence

  • Consistent business process improvement

  • Streamline inventory on the basis of demographics / behaviors

  • Faster decision-making at all stages of the retail operation

  • Augment sales conversion rates

  • Technology partnerships for offering flexible, scalable solutions

  • Business / operations data visibility across the enterprise

  • Optimize ROI from existing IT systems

  • Get rid of complexities resulting from varied applications / systems

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