The manufacturing segment is always under pressure to decrease costs and increase returns. The whole thing boils down to process optimization. Advanced business analytics enable businesses to leverage the hidden values of data lying in systems to innovatively augment manufacturing and the related supply chain management.

Suntech, the world leader in technology solutions for the jewellery sector, offers SIGNUM Business Analytics solutions that include full-featured analytical tools designed to boost manufacturing processes in the jewellery sector.

Business Analytics for Jewellery Manufacturing

SIGNUM manufacturing analytics solutions allow you to streamline production by ensuring minimized risks and overheads. They feature jewellery-specific analytics and dashboards that ensure effective and actionable insights to give you the most result-oriented production process.

Key Benefits – SIGNUM Manufacturing Analytics Solutions

  • Augmented manufacturing process efficiency at all stages

  • Collect historical data to achieve in-depth business insights

  • Streamlined operations from start to finish

  • Enhanced demand forecasts

  • Future market trend prediction

  • Identification and correction of process bugs

  • Significantly reduced time for data aggregation

  • Improved equipment efficiency

  • Better QA processes

  • Advanced inventory management

  • Optimized allocation of resources

  • Innovative production planning

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