Today, the customer in any industry expect similar elevated levels of services and engagement that they get from leading eCommerce and entertainment companies, and those in the jewellery industry is no exception. Organizations in the jewellery industry too are required to give a personal touch while engaging with every customer or potential customer.

Omni-Channel Marketing Automation

Being the leading technology solutions provider for the jewellery industry, Suntech already has the frameworks that are vital for catering to the individual preferences of customers in the sector. Suntech’s focus is on boosting your sales by leveraging multiple communication channels into your marketing strategy – from a single platform.

Suntech provides highly customizable and powerful applications and tools for your marketing team to convey personal, appropriate, and smart messages across any channel your customer is using – be it Email, WhatsApp, SMS, Facebook Messenger, your website or any other. This enables you to develop, test and verify your marketing strategies in real-time, enhance your processes, and finally, ensure the best of customer experience and engagement.

Suntech’s tools strengthen your team to precisely categorize customers into multiple target segments, activate automation processes, augment content, and develop individual messages based on their behavior and your dynamic business data. They can collect data from various sources, such as POS terminal, customer feedback forms, excel sheets, websites, mobile apps, customer relationship management / product inventory applications and websites, among others.

Suntech’s infographic reporting method helps jewellery businesses rapidly analyze and report on the most advantageous metrics for communication, conversion and executing or taking forward their campaigns.

Powerful Utilities / Features – Suntech Marketing Automation

Suntech’s social media analytics dashboard allows you to manage and optimize your initiatives for lead generation, engagement and advocacy across social media.

Suntech Marketing Automation – Benefits that Scale Up Your Initiatives

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