Improved internet speeds and the proliferation of smart phones and other digital communication devices, have resulted in a new kind of jewellery sector customers, who consistently want ‘more’, ‘better’ and ‘faster’ responses from their product and service providers.

In the Jewellery industry, which is synonymous with high-worth, low-volume products, the demands and requirements of the customers are bigger, basically because it involves products that cost high. These customers are also users of devices and platforms featuring new and emerging technologies and in this context, they also look forward to getting the most imaginable services that these technologies can offer.

Data-driven solutions for the Jewellery sector

Suntech, one of the world’s prominent technology solution vendors for the jewellery industry, can be your ideal partner for meeting the requirements of the tech-savvy customers. Suntech’s data-driven eCommerce Technology Solutions advantageously amalgamate marketing, sales and services competencies with marketing automation, content management and communication applications – to make this happen.

With a rich implementation experience covering various technology platforms, Suntech’s experts are capable of building and maintaining a highly customized environment of applications and services that support advanced eCommerce. Suntech does not stop there. It also helps you scale up your eCommerce proficiencies with the use of the latest mobile technologies and platforms. Its experts also deliver innovative, omni-channel solutions (including portals and apps), focused on giving a bespoke experience to your customers.

Suntech leverages its experience in business data analytics, Artificial Intelligence (AI) / Machine Learning (ML), cloud computing and application development, to give you the most result-oriented eCommerce journey.

Suntech’s eCommerce Technology Offerings

  • AI / ML based algorithms

  • Data-driven, giving the most appropriate insights

  • Dashboards designed for the jewellery industry

  • Cloud and on premise deployment and support

  • Business Intelligence and visualization

  • In-built SEO features

  • Powerful APIs

  • Applications for content management

  • Highly customizable features

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