In this age of digitalization, there are innumerable channels for customers to engage with vendors of products or services. They are also getting used to getting instant response and satisfaction from these vendors, through these channels and the various devices supporting these channels. For organizations in today’s highly competitive jewellery industry, the only way to ensure business growth is to make the best possible use of this multi-format customer data emanating from and spread across these multiple communication channels.

A CDM Platform for Every Digital Touchpoint

Suntech, with years of experience as a technology solutions leader in the jewellery industry, can help you in getting access to comprehensive, precise and latest data pertaining to customers and derive maximum mileage from it, with its cutting edge, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) powered Customer Data Management (CDM) Platform.

Suntech’s CDM platform collects data from all digital touchpoints (both online and offline), including smart TVs, to give you a single, 360° view of customers, by which you can deliver highly customized customer engagement experiences and also, drive successful marketing campaigns.

Suntech’s CDM platform gives you quick access to behavioral and transactional customer information and also, standard KPI reports – all in real time.

Suntech’s CDM’s Platform – Key Utilities and Features

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