Suntech’s Next Generation Technology Solution suite is a key enabler for a successful Digital Transformation, enhancing customer experience at every step of the value chain for businesses in the vibrant jewellery sector.

Digital Transformation Framework

Suntech’s Digital Transformation Framework is a proven industry charter designed to seamlessly integrate with varied analytical applications, enhancing planning and forecasting capabilities for jewellery businesses. This industry framework helps enterprise in improving efficiency and standardization of processes, powering business insights and enabling a better customer experience.

At the center of this transformation is the end customer. Today, customers interact with organizations using multiple touchpoints – whether digital or not and expect an enhanced experience. In this omni-channel environment, the jeweller may be managing promotion with one system, sales and billing with another, post-sale service with another, queries with another and so on and so forth. The customer who is interacting with you across all these touchpoints, expects these interactions to be efficient, hassle-free and prompt.

Suntech has been working jointly with jewellery enterprises to enabling them to adopt customer-centric practices by digitalizing all processes and operations and through tech-led omni-channel presence in providing an enhanced experience to their customers as well as employees.

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ERP – Core Operations

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ERP – Advanced Add Ons

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Business Analytics

Meet All Your Business Operational Requirements, from the Facet Stages Upward

Customer Analytics

Advantageous business insights with prescriptive, predictive analytics

Customer Engagement

Advanced Analytics, AI / ML Technologies

Top Industry Trends

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