Catering to the owners with multi-type business establishments who are struggling to manage their operations across the various locations and multiple businesses, Sun JMS Advanced delivers fast and accurate information across the enterprise.

Our software offers comprehensive solutions currently used by many customers in various jewellery related businesses including Rough cut diamond trading, wholesale, diamond & precious stones jewellery manufacturing, Gold & Precious Metals, retail, lab testing & certification.

Sun JMS Advanced helps automate all key operational aspects across Purchase, Sales, Inventory, Jewellery Alterations, Jewellery Dismantling, Loose Diamond Consignment Management; Karatage based price management, and reporting.

Key Challenges
  • Track and Manage High Value Inventory including inter-branch transfer, reconciliation, etc.
  • Increase Margins without losing out on sales.
  • Track profitability based on items, suppliers, branches, etc.

  • Daily business reports available on mobile.
  • Automated purchase process reduces inventory discrepancies.
  • RFID based tracking of inventory.
  • Search based on customer requirements and budget.
  • Accurate Margin calculation.

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Sun JMS Lite

For those with traditional one shop establishment, our software includes pre-packaged solutions that can effectively cater to the requirements of a single shop across Finance, Purchase, Sales, Inventory, including barcode, etc.

Add Ons

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