Suntech works together with some of the top technology solution providers to offer customers comprehensive solutions.

Ark Trader

With both Brokers and Clients in mind, our Ark Trader platform was engineered, designed, and developed with the latest technologies in the I.T. industry to handle any future business expansion in no time, 30+ years of experience, that will make you rest assured that your business is in safe hands, advanced mobile and desktop apps, with a fluent design that put clients in mind.

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Bluecast Technologies

ADP provides the ability to deploy an application or a full desktop to end users without having to install the application on the end users’ device. All the compute is in the cloud and the desktop experience or app is delivered to the end users. That means no security or compatibility issues. This essentially eliminates the need to manage the end users’ device and applications. You don’t have to worry about your data leaving the confines of your secure network. You can even prevent the end user from storing data in unapproved locations, like their local device or thumb drives.

  • Deliver solutions to devices that may not have the processing power or capacity to run the applications natively.
  • Provide more compute resources to an application without having to upgrade everyone’s devices. This gives you the ability to reduce the cost of the end user devices knowing that when users need more compute power, the compute power can be associated with the actual workloads that need it.
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Vipla Global

VIPLA’s vision is to become a recognize IT Consultancy & Service Providing company for Small and Medium Size Organizations in United Arab Emirates. Our Services are designed to deliver optimum benefits of the resources bought either from us or already available in their premises.

Customer satisfaction being the motto, VIPLA is specialized in understanding the customer’s need and giving optimum result what the customer sought.

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Remitex Technologies Ltd (DIGI)

Remitex Technologies Ltd (DIGI) has been incorporated to bring a whole new digital experience for the retail customers as well as financial institutions. It captures the entire lifecycle of a customer from onboarding to transactions and beyond. DIGI was the brainchild of Mr Abhishek Jajoo, who is serial entrepreneur with exposures in Consulting, Manufacturing, and IT industry. He is the Founder & Managing Partner/ CEO of the firm i.e. AJMS Global Consulting, a recognized Super-brand in UAE with presence across 6 countries.

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