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Top 3 features to look for in a Jewellery ERP Software

By March 19, 2019 No Comments
Depending on the complexities of your business processes, jewellery-specific software would help in detailed data captured, accurate inventory tracking and efficient management through automation. Whether you are a multi-location/multi-company business or a small business which is looking for sustainable growth and scalability, your Jewellery ERP software should help you manage all the aspects of your business from inventory to customer relationship management to point of sale to financial management and more. But amidst a plethora of solutions, from generic accounting software (like Tally) to complex Tier 1 ERP (like SAP), which one should you opt for?


Here are the top features you should look for when choosing an ERP Software, specific for Retail Jewellery Business.

Stock Control Management

The comprehensive Jewellery Inventory software should be able to optimise inventory control with flexible product pricing and tracking of raw materials, diamonds, metals, and stones.

  • The physical inventory system handles the entry and adjustment of the physical stock.
  • The management tool should allow you to oversee, analyse, and track the trending, slow moving, and dead stock of the business.

Financial Management

For growth-oriented business owners, the Jewellery ERP software needs to have a statutory compliant and robust financial management that caters to with multi-locations. With a very simple and easy to use interface, an integrated system helps in consolidation.

  • If you have a business with multiple branches, you can easily manage and track multiple branches based on the preference of consolidated and/or individual accounts.
  • With the Dual Accounting feature, Profit and Loss and other financial statements can be generated in Currency and Gold.
  • This GST / VAT enabled system is auto calculated to avoid the hassle of manually performing the tasks. The user need not be dependent on any other systems or manual efforts to calculate the gold worth.

Integrated financial modules streamlines the processes and makes it easier to update various government portals and configure records than having to run around for posting.

Automated and Scheduled reporting

The Jewellery Inventory software should be able to give you a detailed and quick report on inventory, sales summary, daily sales report, end of the day report, employee sales, etc. to provide you with an overview of the business.

  • An integrated reporting tool allows you to create your own custom reports.
  • You can have a record of your most viewed, most bought, bestsellers, and new arrivals of your inventory.

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