When it comes to creating a holistic customer experience, it is important that a business understands the specific needs and preferences of the target customer personas. It is no longer based on a reactive response behaviour whereby the inquiries are addressed, but on a proactive ability to interpret preferences, execute the changes within acceptable time-frames.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is more than a tool when it comes to converting prospects into loyal patrons. It is a tool that helps create engaging conversations with customers – proactively. Everyone loves to be valued and when you have a system in place that understands your business imperatives and caters to customers’ needs, it can significantly help you to generate revenue and build a long term loyal and profitable customer.

Some of the key elements of a robust CRM would be:

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Promotions and Campaign Management

The story has moved away from blind & bulk communication-push to specific intelligent conversation-led. We need to leverage the different interaction through email, social, and marketing automation based on the information and analysis gathered in the CRM platform.

The platform helps you to be prepared before you talk to a customers or prospect by providing in-depth analysis of what the customer wants. You can get the person to feel understood and valuable. And it is this history of appropriate conversation that builds a long-term relationship. Create multiple marketing campaigns for different segments of customers at various stages of buying preferences and brand loyalty.

Track leads and opportunities, monitor customer responses, and automate the communication messages. With our tools for segmentation, targeting, planning, and budgeting, reach out to your potential customers.

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Feedback and Complaint Management

Since all the data is stored in CRM, it helps to analyse the needs of customers and anticipate their grievances and address them at the right time. This increases customer satisfaction ensuring loyalty and thereby higher revenues. The platform is a great tool to identify and resolve customer complaints as well as handle other feedback suggestions. These solutions can deliver a powerful range of tools to complaint handlers and managers – assisting in the resolution of customer dissatisfaction and preventing recurrence of emerging issues.

The system highlights the areas that require corrective improvements and initiate the actions for the same. It generates a wide range of reports that assess performance in handling customer feedback, and but highlights trends of emerging or known issues, offers of financial redress, corrective actions initiated and much more.

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Integrated Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing campaigns helps drive purchases and boost sales. A robust CRM system helps in identifying when a customer researched one of the products, allowing you to place targeted ads on social media and other platforms to maintain their interest. CRM tools helps in mobility, as all the database and activities can be accessed across multiple devices and multiple locations.

Create a communication that is cohesive across all the channels and resonates with the buyer’s journey. Generate an integrated digital marketing strategy across all the internal teams from Sales, Marketing, Customer service, etc and create different workflows and processes for accessibility.

SUNFACETS, our Jewellery ERP software integrated with CRM And Customer Engagement Platform increases the sales prospects, purchase frequency and average order value to generate higher growth revenue for your investment.

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