Wholesale Trading Software

Access rapid implementation with Wholesale trading software
Maximise performance capabilities and increase supply-chain visibility

Being a crucial part of the distribution channel, our Jewellery Wholesale software is designed for wholesalers to enhance their management processes through our software modules. Featuring the usage for industry specific needs, our software for wholesalers proactively responds to the inventory management demands. Here are the features of the software for wholesale business.


Diamond and precious stones

1. Loose stones

  • Assorts to prevent lot mixing and inventory mismatch
  • Assorts diamond jewellery and precious stones basis Advance Costing Methods for accurate inventory valuation
  • Revaluates of inventory with direct integration of rates as reflected online

2. Jewellery

  • Consolidates inventory across multiple legal entities and automates inter-branch transfers with requisites internal controls.
  • Helps in consignment transactions with automated confirmation entries/expiry reminders
  • Offers customer Trade Agreement on the software for the diamond industry
  • Enables jewellery alteration and dismantling
  • Automates order optimisation processing
  • Ensures component-wise reworking and cost adjustment

Gold and other metals

  • Our gold jewellery software offers multiple engagement possibilities with clients including Trade Agreements, Follow-ups, Complaint Management, etc.
  • Web enabled Order booking and Catalogue Management
  • Integrates currency and metal-based financials
  • Provides in-built features like validation settings for metal purity, currency rates, custom alerts, price ranges, etc.
  • Calculates margins accurately
  • Includes user-definable metal division


Mr. Chandu Siroya,  Managing Director
Siroya Jewellers LLC

“It gives a very good insight into the loss factors, the areas in which losses are there and it also gives the management the ability to control those factors which affect their costs. The reporting system which has been developed in this program are also very useful for day-to-day management of the affairs of the company… I would happily recommend this as we are very very happy with it.”

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Mr. Shamlal Ahmed M P,  MD International Operations
Malabar Gold & Diamond

“Having used Suntech software for over 6 years now, we find it easy to use because of its flexible and personalized solutions for our needs. We are happy with their proactive support to ensure minimal downtime.”

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Mr. Anuraag Sinha,  Managing Director
Liali Jewellery

“We have been using it for almost 3 and a half years and we are very happy with it…They are very committed and dedicated to do what is required for a client. Their team understands it well about how to simplify things for people of all levels who uses this system.”

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