Refinery Software

Seamless processing and integration to achieve purity.

Efficiently manage the process flow, equipment integration, and supply chain management.

Tailored with efficient technical capabilities to import the scrap and refine gold and silver through innovative equipment, our Sun Facet Refinery Software is designed to accurately track & manage the various aspects of the refinery process. With the comprehensive inventory and process flow tracking, the system manages the material flow, human labour utilization, loss controls, and customer communication.

Specialized in refining for the jewellery industry, the software helps to track purity at each stage of the process. A user can create refinery orders, track and document the movement of materials, including receiving, vault, fire assay, multiple analysis and other process departments. Once the lot is received for refining, the system can create a detailed process order as per the business rules.

Who can use Refinery ERP software?

Suitable for small, medium, and large precious metal refinery organizations.


  • Proper Tracking of Customer order and its progress from receiving scrap to Delivery of refined metal including purity tracking at each stage.
  • Proper measurement of loss, optimal usage of consumables, tracking of breach of the estimated time for each process.
  • Proper Tracking of Work-in-progress
  • Maintaining the customer balance, quantity-wise and currency-wise
  • Proper tracking of samples related to customers inclusive of tracking the history of the received lot and customers for purity discrepancy at the final stage


  • Comprehensive Inventory and process flow tracking
  • Inventory and Financial Reports
  • Dual Accounting System
  • Customer Settlements
  • Integration of Alerts
  • Inventory Control
  • Tracking and Auto Link
  • Financial Management


Mr. Sami Abu-Ahmad,  General Manager

Al Etihad Gold LLC

“Suntech software helped us to cover all the needs of our customers and overcome all the challenges that they are facing, even if they want to modify to match to their specific requirements..”

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