Jewellery ERP Software


Leverage automation with Sun FACETS, our jewellery ERP software for businesses across 25+ countries, build from ground up especially for the Gems and Jewellery industry.

The worth of a jewel is highly appreciated and understood by the jeweller. Facets are an integral part of jewellery as they reflect the symmetry of the structure. As a facet is believed to improve the appearance of a jewel, our software is proved to improve the efficiency of the Gems and Jewellery business. Designed for those who are modern in their outlook and aspirational for growth, Sun FACETS provides an edge to scale up your business.

Understanding the exponentially growing size of your business, our jewellery ERP software includes comprehensive solutions currently used by many customers globally across various Jewellery related businesses including Rough cut diamond trading, wholesale, diamond & precious stones jewellery manufacturing, Gold and Precious Metals, retail, lab testing and certification. Considered as the market leading ERP software in Dubai, Sun FACETS helps automate all key operational aspects across Purchase, Sales, Inventory, Jewellery Alterations, Jewellery Dismantling, Manufacturing, Refining, Bullion, Loose Diamond Consignment Management; Component based price management, and reporting.

This jewellery ERP software solution is effective for manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers of gold and diamond jewellery and also loose diamonds. Sun FACETS is built on the Microsoft Technology Platform that offers our customers effective solutions to fulfil all their business requirements.

Why choose Sun FACETS?

  • Built on Latest .NET Platform
  • Role wise Active Dashboards and KPI’s.
  • Transaction wise Alerts
  • Role wise Approval List
  • Scheduled Reports
  • Definable Documents Procedures
  • Bio-Metrics Integration
  • RFID Enabled Transactions
  • Freight Management
  • Web/ Tablet integration
  • Online Rates Integration (Metal/ Currency / Diamonds)

Who can use jewellery ERP software?

  • Large to medium businesses
  • Growing Multi-Location/Multi-company businesses
  • Businesses looking for sustainable growth and scalability

Challenges it overcomes:

  • Closely monitor and manage high value inventory including inter-branch transfer, reconciliation, etc.
  • Enhance margins without losing out on sales
  • Keep a tab on profitability based on items, suppliers, branches, etc.


  • Ensures accessibility of daily business reports on mobile
  • Reduces the risk of inventory discrepancies
  • Provides RFID-based tracking of inventory
  • Offers searches based on customer requirements and budget
  • Ensures accurate margin calculation

Our ERP for jewellery business provides comprehensive solutions currently used by many customers across various Diamond Jewellery related businesses including Rough/Cut diamond trading, Diamond & Precious stones Jewellery Manufacturing, Gold and Precious Metals, Wholesale, Retail, Refinery, Bullion, Lab testing and Certification.


Our jewellery ERP software offers comprehensive solutions currently used by many customers across various Gold and Metal Jewellery related businesses including Wholesale trading, Bullion, Gold (metal) Jewellery Manufacturing, Retail and Refinery.


Sun FACETS has an exclusive module for Wholesale and Retail Watch trades. It covers all the aspects of inventory like model number, dial attributes, strap attributes, material, movement type, brand, status, certificate details etc.


Mr. Chandu Siroya,  Managing Director
Siroya Jewellers LLC

“It gives a very good insight into the loss factors, the areas in which losses are there and it also gives the management the ability to control those factors which affect their costs. The reporting system which has been developed in this program are also very useful for day-to-day management of the affairs of the company… I would happily recommend this as we are very very happy with it.”

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Mr. Shamlal Ahmed M P,  MD International Operations
Malabar Gold & Diamond

“Having used Suntech software for over 6 years now, we find it easy to use because of its flexible and personalized solutions for our needs. We are happy with their proactive support to ensure minimal downtime.”

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Mr. Anuraag Sinha,  Managing Director
Liali Jewellery

“We have been using it for almost 3 and a half years and we are very happy with it…They are very committed and dedicated to do what is required for a client. Their team understands it well about how to simplify things for people of all levels who uses this system.”

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