Jewellery ERP Software

Leverage automation with ERP software companies in Dubai and India, customised especially for wholesalers and SMEs.

This jewellery ERP software solution is effective for wholesalers and retailers of gold and diamond jewellery and also loose diamonds. It automates purchases, sales, inventory, jewellery alterations, dismantling, loose diamond consignment management, karat-based price management and reporting. Sun JMS is driven by the dynamic VB and MS SQL software platforms to offer our customers effective solutions with ERP software Dubai and ERP software India.

What is jewellery ERP software for?
  • Small and medium businesses
  • Traditional single and multi-shop organisations
  • Businesses looking for sustainable growth and scalability
Challenges it overcomes:
  • Closely monitor and manage high value inventory including inter-branch transfer, reconciliation, etc.
  • Enhance margins without losing out on sales
  • Keep a tab on profitability based on items, suppliers, branches, etc.
  • Ensures accessibility of daily business reports on mobile
  • Reduces the risk of inventory discrepancies
  • Provides RFID-based tracking of inventory
  • Offers searches based on customer requirements and budget
  • Ensures accurate margin calculation