CRM Advanced

  • Walk-in Customer Register
  • Campaign Management
  • Complaint Management
  • Deposite Schemes
  • Data Validation (Multiple Levels)

POS Advanced

  • Replacement cost Linking with POS
  • Consignment/Approval Sale through POS
  • Partial Sales Order across multiple branches
  • Bulk Discount option

POS Analytics

  • Combined Sales Analysis
  • Bucket wise analysis
  • Periodic Sales Comparison


Sub-contracting (Including Karigar)

  • Raw material issue
  • Customer Order split & Work-order merge based on Karigar skills
  • Quality Check & Rework
  • Reconciliation
  • Productivity reports & Labour cost analysis

Work In Progress Management

  • Tight inventory control in terms of caratage, weight/ karatage, and currency value at various stages of production /sub-contracting

Advanced Internal Controls

  • Transaction Verfication
  • Document Approval Module
  • Market Linked Inventory Revaluation
  • Component wise price reworking module for sales
  • Diamond Jewellery Alteration
  • Diamond Jewellery Dismantaling
  • Cost Adjustment
  • Tax Calculation based on Regulatory Requirement


CRM Advanced

  • Online Customer Statement
  • Customer Trade Agreements
  • Purchase Distribution
  • Collection Management

Outdoor Sales Management

  • Inventory control
  • Offline sync

Assortment Module

  • Assortment Profit / Loss
  • Assorter-wise stock reports
  • Assorter-wise Assortment accuracy analysis