Suntech’s gold jewellery software offers a wide range of comprehensive solutions to businesses dealing with gold & other metals, right from wholesalers, bullion to manufacturing and retail. Our gold billing software automates key business operations like sales, purchase, inventory, jewellery alterations and dismantling, making charges/ scrap management, weighing scale integration and reporting. Powered by a wide range of features, the gold accounting software can be seamlessly integrated into the business software of our clients. It tracks and monitors your business processes to offer our clients with comprehensive solutions that help them contribute to customer delight.

  • Offers multiple engagement possibilities with clients including Trade Agreements, Follow-ups, Complaint Management, etc
  • Integrates currency and metal-based financials
  • Provides in-built features like validation settings for metal purity, currency rates, custom alerts, price ranges etc
  • Calculates margins accurately
  • Includes user-definable metal division

  • Our gold software for retail manages scrap, making charges and wastage
  • Offers repair audits
  • Ensures customer relationship management, including loyalty programs, communication/campaign management, complaint management, etc.
  • Automates commodity-price integration with margins
  • Enables Inter-branch sales order creation and redemptions, stock enquiry across multiple entities and advance redemption across multiple legal entities

  • Automates yield management for gold melting
  • Manages high volume production efficiently
  • Integrates solutions related to WIP, inventory and finance through the gold jewellery billing software
  • Sets pre-definable parameters for loss management, loss registers, recovery module and job-routing
  • Ensures multiple pieces production, partial production, job merging and job splitting
  • Tracks productivity, loss recovering, worker efficiency management, job history analysis and order history analysis

  • Offers versatile dashboards suitable for tablets, mobiles and desktops
  • Automates MIS reports including inventory and finance
  • Offers deposit schemes
  • Offers sales order processing and approval modules
  • Includes catalogue modules

  • Offers RFID and barcode-based tracking mechanism
  • Automates repetitive activities like scheduling reports, metal rate integration, etc
  • Manages non-inventory items via consumables
  • Provides import / export facilities
  • Ensures SMS-integrated transactions


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The product helps us to control the wholesale and manufacturing operations. Suntech meets all our company requirements with its solutions. We’ve been using Suntech over 4 years and I would advise everyone to use it.

Jamil Abu KasemDirector, Jamal Jewellery

We are a leading manufacturer of bangles and rings in Gulf and India with products available in 30+ countries. Suntech ERP system is not only easy to use but meets our trading and manufacturing requirements. We are very satisfied with their online support and exceptional services.

Haresh PahujaMD, Itan Jewellery

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Diamond & Precious Stones

With just the right mix of powerful features, our software provides comprehensive solutions currently used by many customers across various Diamond Jewellery related businesses including Rough cut diamond trading, wholesale, diamond & precious stones jewellery manufacturing, retail, lab testing & certification.


Helping automate all key operational aspects across  & specially geared to the needs of jewellery manufacturers, our software offers packaged solutions currently used by many customers across various Retail related businesses including diamond and precious stones jewellery manufacturing, Gold and other metal jewellery.

Add Ons

Sometimes the core ERP is just not enough to manage the constantly growing complexities of your business. Apart from the efficient solutions the software provides, our Add-ons are equipped with the following modules to enhance the efficiency of your business.