Our software offers a complete range of solutions for controlling and monitoring all the processes involved in the industry. With just the right mix of powerful features, our software provides comprehensive solutions currently used by many customers across various Diamond Jewellery related businesses including Rough cut diamond trading, wholesale, diamond & precious stones jewellery manufacturing, retail, lab testing & certification. It helps automate all key operational aspects across Purchase, Sales, Inventory, Jewellery Alterations, Jewellery Dismantling, Loose Diamond Consignment Management; Karatage based price management, and reporting.

 Loose Stones
  • Assortment: Lot mixing, Inventory Mis-match
  • Assortment: Advance Costing Methods for accurate inventory valuation
  • Software enables re-valuation of inventory with direct integration to Rapaport.

  • Customer Trade Agreement
  • Jewellery Alteration & Dismantling
  • Consignment transaction with automated confirmation entries / expiry reminders
  • Software helps in consolidating inventory across multiple legal entities and automate inter branch transfers with requisites internal controls.
  • Component wise reworking and cost adjustment
  • Automated order optimization processing

  • Track & Manage jewellery alteration, and custom orders
  • Understand customer requirements, trends & feedback
  • Customer relationship management, including loyalty programs, communication/campaign management, complaint management, etc.
  • Inter Branch Sales Order creation and Redemptions, Stock Enquiry across multiple entities, Advance Redemption across multiple legal entities
  • Walk-in customer tracking module

  • Efficiently managing high volume production
  • Design Patent Management
  • Integrated solution covering WIP, inventory and finance
  • Pre-definable parameters for loss management, Loss Registers, Recovery Module, and job-routing
  • Mutiple pieces production, Partial production, job merging, job splitting
  • Tracking productivity, Worker Efficiency Management, Job History Analysis, Order History Analysis
  • Worker recommendation module
  • Seasonal design forecast

  • Dashboards suitable for Tablet, Mobile, and Desktop
  • MIS reports including Inventory and Finance
  • Deposit Schemes
  • Sales Order Processing and Approval Modules
  • Catalogue Module

  • RFID and Barcode based tracking mechanism
  • We have automated many repetitive activities like Scheduled Reports, Automated Metal Rate Integration, etc
  • Managing non-inventory items via consumables
  • Excel Import / Export facility
  • SMS integrated transaction


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With its excellent track record, Suntech is a logical choice for us. The process of implementation of a new ERP system is streamlined in a smooth way. The software gives me control to operate each branch efficiently from one place.

Paresh ShahChairman, Brilliant Group

We are very happy with Suntech ERP as it helps me manage the business operations very well. I feel it is easy to use and the local support is very good.

Dinesh SakariaMD, K-Star

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Gold & Other Metals

Providing a wide range of integrated functions and facilities to take care of your business, our software offers comprehensive solutions currently used by many customers across various Gold and Metal Jewellery related businesses including Wholesale trading, Bullion, Gold (metal) jewellery manufacturing, and retail.


Helping automate all key operational aspects across  & specially geared to the needs of jewellery manufacturers, our software offers packaged solutions currently used by many customers across various Retail related businesses including diamond and precious stones jewellery manufacturing, Gold and other metal jewellery.

Add Ons

Sometimes the core ERP is just not enough to manage the constantly growing complexities of your business. Apart from the efficient solutions the software provides, our Add-ons are equipped with the following modules to enhance the efficiency of your business.