Analyze and Realize Improved Market Performances


Suntech, the world’s leading technology solutions provider for the jewellery industry, has built an exclusive trading platform for jewellery products. Named the Suntech Trading Platform, it connects with all the key financial services institutions and exchanges, over major message routing services / platforms that are relevant to jewellery trading.


The trading platform is completely integrated with the Suntech Financial Application and features the widest range of the modern-day trading-related features.

These features include a complete inventory and process flow tracking system, that can give a big advantage to businesses in the jewellery sector. They also include a meticulous and transparent trading apparatus that efficiently caters to both online and physical trading information – covering commodity issues and receipts; fixings banks and end-customers; and both fixed and unfixed purchases and sales.

The Suntech Trading Platform allows traders as well as investors to execute trades and monitor accounts. It also helps in analyzing and planning improved market performances.

Key Benefits

  • Have been integrated into major trading platforms like MT5, Vertex, etc.

  • Ease in maintaining bank entries, have a utility to import bank statements directly to the system

  • Auto-calculation on exchange gain/loss entries in case of multiple currencies

  • Client wise margin policy

  • Client wise credit limit setup(metal/currency)

  • E-invoicing integration from the system

  • Dynamic QR integration in invoices for digital payments