How Can Jewellery Manufacturers Keep Production Losses at Bay

Loss during production is an inevitability that any manufacturing company has to cope with. There are many reasons for this, including flaws in the design, equipment not working or managed to its full potential, human errors, carelessness, or improper production planning. Minimizing production losses is crucial for manufacturers in any industry, especially in the jewelry sector wherein the raw materials and ingredients are of a much higher value.

With the technological advancement in manufacturing processes, jewelry manufacturers should look at implementing ERP solutions that are time-tested and proven enough to ensure absolute control over the production process, to the point where losses therein, need not be inevitable.

Let’s have a look at some of the key features and capabilities that a jewelry ERP solution should ideally have for arresting incidences of production-related losses.

Identification and exclusion of designs that can lead to loss

A more unique design of jewelry item can lead to several advantages for the brand. It can enhance the manufacturer’s brand value, it can demand a higher market price and most importantly, it can ensure more market visibility. However, your design strategy has to revolve around the salability of the product, because there is no guarantee that the impact the design makes will also improve its sales. A product series with a more complicated design, will cost you more to make, but what if you are not able to sell more products under the series? You have to strike the right balance between a product’s design and its sales potential.

  • Your system should have strong capabilities in undertaking Design Vs Sales Analysis
  • It should help you get the right formula for blending expensive and economical materials into designs that are cost-effective production-wise

Meticulous analysis of workers’ skill levels

The beauty and comfort levels of wearing a jewelry item can be attributed mostly to the skill levels of the worker or workers – whose main job is to bring the designer’s vision to life. Whether it is for making items with a unique design or creating a duplicate of an existing piece of jewelry, the final output will only be striking if the making task is undertaken by a worker with the most appropriate skill sets and experience for that particular job.

  • This calls for an ERP solution that has the potential to measure the skill levels of your workers and also to conduct skills-gap analysis
  • It should be potent in identifying the skill sets required by your company in accordance with the market trends and demands
  • It should be handy in setting the skill standards necessary for the making of different jewelry categories
  • It should also have reporting tools that facilitate easy assessment

Process Analysis to identify flaws, gaps and fraudulent practices

Even if you are employing the industry’s best manufacturing processes, you may still have to cope with the issues of low productivity or sub-standard products. The solution lies in process analysis from time to time. Fool-proof process analysis, not only helps in overcoming the aforementioned challenges, it also proactively helps in rectifying flawed processes in time, quickly filling any shortcomings in the desired output quality, and restricting the chances of fraudulent practices.

Any advanced jewelry ERP software comes with powerful process analyses capabilities, which can help in:

  • Ensuring that processes for all your vital operations, be it polishing, cutting, finishing or generation of scrap – are working desirably at all times.
  • Identifying the scope for process improvement.
  • Giving a breakdown and vital statistics of each phase of the different manufacturing processes you follow

Mold analysis to optimize different aspects of production

Along with analysis of the production processes, effective mold analysis has also become essential to stay competitive in the modern-day jewelry market. Jewellery manufacturers should go for top-notch ERP solutions with the best mold analysis features that facilitate:

  • Keeping repetitive designs in check
  • Decreasing the time cycle for producing items featuring popular designs
  • Simplified production of faster-selling items
  • More production of innovatively designed products

A jewelry ERP software that comes with advanced features to minimize production losses is Sun Facets. The most popular software in this category in the Middle East, Sun Facets is also gaining fast market prominence in over 20 other countries across the world. Its growing popularity can be attributed to the wide range of jewelry industry operations it is equipped to streamline. In short, Sun Facets today has become a single answer for almost all the challenges faced by the jewelry sector today. To know more about Sun Facets and how it can help you and your organization, just click here

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