How an ERP Linked e-Catalog can Boost Jewellery Manufacturers’ Business

A cutting-edge ERP solution caters to multiple operational and functional requirements of the manufacturer. These include the facilitation of eCommerce with a range of utilities that can help you ensure an enhanced engagement experience for your existing and potential customers. For a jewelry manufacturer in the B2C segment, it becomes crucial to have a ready-to-use, self-service engagement platform for the benefit of customers in all the regions it sells its products.

One of the key ways to improve the customer experience is having an e-Catalog that is integrated with your ERP solution. An ERP that integrates eCommerce helps enterprises manage online customer interactions, including order processing better.

Let’s take a look at the key advantages you could look forward to with e-Catalogues.

Save the cost of making a sample line of products

When you have an e-Catalog, you can restrict the making of exclusive customer sample products to only where it is absolutely necessary. It can be accessed by anybody who has an Internet connection, from anywhere, anytime. It enables you to update or remove product particulars anytime and also, completely revamp the listings with ease at no extra cost.

Hyperlinks of the products in the e-Catalog can be included in press releases, eDMs, blogs, and other online communication tools, driving customers who are interested in those products to your website and thereby, improving chances of sales conversions.

Enabling customers to book orders, from anywhere, at any time

Customers can access an e-Catalog from anywhere and on any device with an Internet connection, and place an order for products around the clock. Unlike regular catalogs, you can keep the e-Catalog regularly updated with the most accurate product information, leaving almost no scope for errors or misunderstandings. Such misunderstandings can gravely affect your brand image, especially if you are a manufacturer of ‘high value – small sized’ products like jewelry. The information in the e-Catalog becomes more accurate if it is linked to your manufacturing ERP software or retail application because all the available stock instantly gets reflected in it.

An e-Catalog also doubles up as a handy tool for your sales personnel as they can share updated product details to potential customers instantaneously.

Optimized inventory, minimizing risks of loss

With an e-Catalog linked to your manufacturing ERP, product information works both ways without duplication. This means if a product is booked online, it automatically gets updated in the latest inventory levels. By the same logic, there is no chance of a customer placing an order for an out-of-stock product, a risk we had to live with, in the case of conventional catalogs.

The authorized admin can easily configure and manage information in any feature-rich e-Catalog accurately and at the right time, thanks to the multiple information-filling options available in it. Since such e-Catalogs are designed for global usage, the information that goes in logically caters to global standards and trading norms, whether this information is in the form of text or images.

Leverage exhibition module to spruce up product showcase

State-of-the-art e-Catalog tools come with a number of features aimed at enhancing how your products are presented therein. They not only cater to the look and feel aspect, but also focus on improving the customer engagement experience that covers the comprehensiveness of product features as well as ease of use in pre and post-purchase processes.

They also feature the exhibition module which is useful in giving customers a virtual walk-through of the product with the help of videos and multi-dimensional views. They can also request for a quote, download relevant forms, or be directed to your website for more product details with clickable links.

Sun Facets is an ERP solution made exclusively for manufacturers in the jewelry industry. It is proficiently integrated with eCommerce features that include a highly interactive e-Catalog application, giving a range of advantages for existing and potential customers and also, to your sales representatives.

The solution is the leading one in its segment in the Middle East with a fast-gaining reputation in several other countries worldwide. To get more information on Sun Facets and how it can help grow your business, click here.

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