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What options are provided in Sun FACETS to control production losses?2021-07-07T06:17:06+01:00

Sun FACETS has implemented user wise, department-wise, design-wise loss percentage and appropriate restrictions. Department heads can approve losses beyond the defined percentages giving valid reasons which helps management to track and take decisions to overcome these losses.

What are the features of Sun FACETS for manufacturers?2021-07-07T06:16:39+01:00
  • Live Order Tracking
  • Supply and Demand Management
  • Consumable Tracking
  • User Wise Department Access
  • User Wise and Department-wise loss restrictions
  • Multi-level password for enhanced Security
How Sun FACETS manages multi-users, departments and locations in a particular company?2021-07-07T06:16:07+01:00

Being a specialized ERP software for the Gems and Jewellery industry, Sun FACETS understands the needs of a jewellery manufacturer and exporter. Enabled with industry expertise, our software is developed with all the mentioned prerequisites to ease manufacturing operations. It has an in-built access based system that enables users with admin rights to give each user access to screens/menus as per location/department.

What reports can Sun FACETS provide for manufacturers?2021-07-07T06:15:39+01:00

Sun FACETS’ reporting tool enables to generate various MIS and BI reports that helps manufacturers to have a bird’s eye view on day to day activities mainly monitoring losses, production status, pending orders, raw material requirements, and much more.

How does customer-wise/vendor-wise pricing, work in Sun FACETS?2021-07-07T06:14:55+01:00

Understanding that pricing plays a very important part in the jewellery business, Suntech has built a complete pricing module which enables you to define cost and sale prices based on vendors, customers, category/sub-category, weight of product, and much more.

How is ‘booking an order and tracking it’ managed in Sun FACETS?2021-07-07T06:14:27+01:00

Giving accurate delivery timelines to your customers becomes important when your sales team receive an order. Sun Facet offers tracking of orders in the system, based on delivery dates, order numbers, and customers. Estimated time taken for a product to be manufactured can be defined at the product level which gives the sales executive a clear idea of when the product can be delivered to the client and planning can be done accordingly.

Does Sun FACETS have an online catalog module?2021-07-07T06:14:01+01:00

Yes. Sun FACETS has a web/tablet based catalog module that can be used for the display of your stock to clients that helps them to proceed with placing an order. In addition, your sales team on the field can use this catalog to show a wide range of your products as carrying physical inventory becomes a risky affair considering the value of goods.

Does Sun FACETS support Retailers having more than 5+ stores?2021-07-07T06:13:15+01:00

Being in the industry for more than 10+ years and having strong domain knowledge, Sun FACETS is a tried and tested robust solution. Currently it is being used in large retail organizations having 60+ stores.

What modules are offered to the Retailers?2021-07-07T06:12:44+01:00


  • Purchase
  • Sales
  • Tablet friendly POS
  • CRM
  • BI & Reporting
  • User Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Accounting
  • Repair
  • Job Work
How does Sun FACET support Retail chain operations?2021-07-07T06:11:53+01:00

Yes, Sun FACETS can be used by retailers having multiple locations and multiple users. Sun FACET ensures efficient consolidation of accounts of managed from the HO. It has a central database engine that helps in managing your business across multiple outlets.

How can I convert my existing Data into Sun FACETS?2021-07-07T06:11:19+01:00

If you already have an existing data of customers, suppliers, and stock/inventory in an Excel spreadsheet or any other format, our team of experts can help you format the data in required format which can then be imported into Sun FACETS with a click of a button.

Does Sun FACETS ensure data security?2021-07-07T06:10:54+01:00

Suntech has incorporated a manual and scheduled automatic backup functionality that can take a backup of your data on a local network drive or cloud storage. If you wish to remove your data, you can simply use ‘export’ button shown on the reports.

Is my data protected?2021-07-07T06:10:27+01:00

Suntech takes data protection very seriously. If any such uncertain situation arises, be rest assured your data is 100% secure and fully backed up.

What can you tell me about AMC of the software?2021-07-07T06:10:02+01:00

Second year onwards we charge a 15% AMC of the product cost that includes your training, support and upgrades or new features add to the system.

Give me some information on Support and Training?2021-07-07T06:09:34+01:00

We offer one-week training and one-year support that is included in the product cost for the first year. Our support team is available 24/7 over email or on call during office hours (10.00 am to 7.00 pm) and we will reply to your queries within 24 hours of you requesting support. Our support and training team works closely with your team to ensure the users have understood all the aspects of the system.

Do I need any specialized knowledge of other software programs to use Suntech Jewelry ERP Software?2021-07-07T06:09:04+01:00

No. The end user needs to simply know the basics of computer knowledge.

Can I install Suntech Jewelry Software on more than one computer?2021-07-07T06:08:36+01:00

Sun FACETS is based on Client Server Architecture, so it supports multi-users, multi-computers, and multi-locations.

Is there any restriction on using a particular operating system to run this software?2021-07-07T06:08:08+01:00

Sun FACETS is natively Windows Operating Systems compliant. Most of our modules can be used on other operating systems (Windows/MAC/Linux) using web and virtualization technologies.

What are the eminent features of Suntech Jewellery Software?2021-07-07T06:07:17+01:00
  • Built on strong Microsoft Technology Platform
  • Role-wise Active Dashboards and KPIs
  • Strong Financial Management
  • Transaction-wise Alerts
  • Role-wise Approval List
  • Drill down option from Transactions / Reports
  • Scheduled Reports
  • Biometrics Integration
  • Weighing scale integration
  • RFID, Barcode, and QR code Enabled Transactions
  • Freight Management
  • Web / Tablet integration
  • Online Rates Integration (Metal/ Currency / Diamonds)
What does Sun FACETS offer in terms of Scalability and Functionality?2021-07-07T06:06:37+01:00

Sun FACETS is an efficient jewellery software designed specifically for the Gems & Jewellery industry. It is a well-designed comprehensive ERP software covering all aspects of your business including Retail Operations, Retail POS, Wholesale and Trading, Sale and Purchase, Inventory Management, Manufacturing, Job-working. In terms of scalability, the product is well tried and tested across various multi-chain retailers with consolidation of 65+ branches, large manufacturers that have managed input work load of 150+ workers in manufacturing, wholesalers, and exporters.

How easy is Sun FACETS to use?2021-07-07T06:06:04+01:00

We understand that a Jewellery business owner’s time is focused more on the business than software implementation. Hence, we take care of the implementation processes. Sun FACET is easy to use and intuitive enough to empower any end user to personalize and use the system in 5-10 days.

Why should I use Sun FACETS for my business?2021-07-07T06:03:53+01:00

Suntech’s jewellery software is designed including industry-specific features on the basis of our 10+ years of experience in Gems & Jewellery industry. They are available for use by retailers, wholesalers, manufacturers, traders, and bullion merchants. Understanding the exponentially growing size of your business, Sun FACETS includes comprehensive solutions currently used by 400+ customers across various Jewellery related businesses including Rough/Cut diamond trading, Diamond & Precious stones Jewellery Manufacturing, Gold and Precious Metals, Wholesale, Retail, Refinery, Bullion, Lab testing and Certification. It helps automate all key operational aspects across Purchase, Sales, Inventory, Jewellery Alterations, Jewellery Dismantling, Loose Diamond Consignment Management, Component based price management, and Reporting.

What is the use of Jewellery Software?2021-07-07T06:04:15+01:00

Jewellery businesses are very complex in nature and need constant in-depth monitoring of varied processes. A good ERP system will ensure assessment of the daily activities by sending reports to the management at a click of the button. As a business owner, we understand managing high value inventory can be both, complex and of high risk. Our software tracks all the critical areas like risk management of debtors, inventory management, etc.

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