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Streamlining Wholesale Operations with SUN FACET Wholesale ERP

SUN FACET Wholesale management module covers in-depth details of supplier, customer, Inventory, and Finance operations

Integration of trade agreements will ease the billing operation with pre-defined business rules for handling making charges, wastage, credit days, diamond attributes, etc. In-depth consignment, the operation is covered in the purchase, sales, and inter-branch operations.
Real-time updation of inventory and finance eases top management to have the right decisions at right time. SUN FACET Wholesale module is enriched with features and other business integration services like eCommerce, RAPNET integration, RFID solutions, E-Invoicing, Marketing tools, WhatsApp integration, etc.

Our Wholesale ERP Features

Definable Metal Divisions

Diamonds and Color Stone Management

Sales Order handling and Conversion to Invoice

Accounts Payables

Accounts Receivables

Multi-Currency Options

API modules for Enabling two-way communication

Business Integration Services


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