Payroll Software for Jewelleries

Maximize efficiency and compliance in your jewellery payroll process

Simplifying Payroll Management With ERP Systems

SUN FACET's integrated payroll module reduces the administrative effort associated with payroll processing. Modules in payroll will cover the day-to-day, monthly and year-end payroll activities effortlessly. Integration of biometric devices ensures the accuracy of inputs is taken care of to the optimum level. Tracking of employees across multiple departments and branches is taken care of with user-level rights

Our Payroll Software Features

Employee Master: Manage all employee information such as their dob, joining dates, probation period, bank details, contact details, educational qualification, professional experience, emergency contacts, and many more.

Document Management: Store and Manage employee key documents like passport, ID, Visa, etc all in one place.

Expiry Date alerts: Set alerts and notifications to track the expiry dates of employee documents which generate automated notifications on the dashboard.

Attendance: Easily integrate bio-metric attendance to capture the in/out information of employees.

Legal Entity Management: Employee transfer between multiple legal entities and salary process based on that.

Leave Management: Manage various leave categories and allot leaves for employees.

Employee Loan and Advance: Manage employee loans, advances, and deductions with auto-scheduling and rescheduling. The deductions will be automatically reflected while processing the payroll.

Payroll: Manage payroll of employees with simple steps and automatically generate pay slips. Generate SIF file and send to bank/exchange for salary transfers.

End of Service benefits: Automatically calculate gratuity as per the UAE law and process other benefits like air ticket, and annual leave settlement. (Reconfirm with Sumit whether this feature is active or not)

Employee Life Cycle: Manage the complete employee lifecycle in one place including the onboarding, promotions, separation, transfers, and skill mapping.


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