While brand loyalty has always been at the core of the customer-centric economy, proactive service relying on customer insights gained from behavioural data supersedes it. In order to leverage digital for better customer engagement, jewellery brands need to leverage the online world through a suitable analytics platform that does more than just collect and evaluate the data.


Besides the traditional emails and events, the brands are today looking at developing data driven personalized marketing. Effective communication strategy is not only limited to special offers, newsletters, and product updates. It should be a holistic approach aimed at providing relevant information at the right time in right context. Having a full range of customer data is great but only when it it is supported with right analytical tools and consumer insights. Here’s how you can optimise and leverage customer relationships through these engagement concepts.

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In-context customer communication

Communicate with your customers in your website and web application. The messages can be a direct one or targeted based on their behaviours and business attributes. Create different message at each step of the funnel to move customers to the next step. Focus on developing conversations rather than just spamming or sending messages. In-context communication helps customers to address their needs and preferences spontaneously and engage with them in real time.

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Loyalty Program

Launch your customer loyalty program through a platform which would integrate across every channel, engage with them appropriately, and help gain valuable customer insights. It’s important that besides monetary benefits, we also create experiential rewards for loyalty programs.

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Gift Cards

According to various reports on Consumer Insights, 60% to 70% of consumers have actually expressed that gift cards are their preferred type of incentive. You can create digital gifts/e-cards as a medium to provide incentive or simply thank them for their purchase. This simple and convenient feature help you to win back old customers, provide data on consumer spending habits and preferences, and encourage positive brand reviews and word-of-mouth.

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Targeted to the right prospects, create user-specific schemes to reinforce long-term engagement and loyalty towards your business. Make your brand feel exclusive through creating various schemes for your customers on a limited edition or time basis. You can create entry-level rewards open to all while creating VIP ones reserved for the loyal customers.

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Discounts and Promotion

Offering discount and promotional offers can be one of the effective triggers in getting the customers who have not purchased lately. This can be communicated through via multiple communication channels across emails, SMS text, web, targeted adverts, mobile push, or on social engagement platforms. The actual messaging can be varied across multiple segments based on data driven insights. The key is to derive value from different promotional strategies such as reward based, cash discounts, free shipping, percentage discounts, member-exclusive rewards, value-added offers, and product bundling.

Since buying a piece of jewellery holds a high sentimental value, creating more than just an investment avenue for the customers. Through a data-driven approach, online and offline strategies for experiential marketing – we should focus on transforming one-time customers into long term brand advocates.

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