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Technology to analyze and interpret complex business data to make informed decisions

Business analytics involves the use of quantitative methods to analyze data to arrive at informed business decisions. Today's marketplace requires information about the market to be able to make informed business decisions and form effective business strategies. The gems and jewellery industry generates vast amounts of data, which in turn has increased the need for professionals who are proficient at data interpretation and analysis. As a result, businesses can improve efficiency and productivity, make more accurate decisions, and generate a significantly higher level of financial performance.
Business analysis can be divided into four primary methods based on the analytics maturity model adopted by each customer. To improve business performance in the future, these tools may be used individually or in tandem.

Descriptive: Identifying trends and patterns from historical data.

Diagnostic: Analyzing historical data to determine why something happened.

Predictive: Forecasting future outcomes using statistics.

Prescriptive: Analyzing which outcome will lead to the best result in a given scenario through testing and other techniques.

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