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The Suntech Trading Platform also includes features specifically tailored for bullion trading. These include real-time pricing updates for various bullion products, such as gold and silver, as well as tools for managing bullion inventory and tracking bullion transactions. Additionally, the platform offers secure storage solutions for bullion traders and investors, allowing them to safely store their physical bullion assets. Overall, the Suntech Trading Platform provides a comprehensive and efficient solution for managing bullion investments, allowing traders and investors to easily track and monitor their bullion portfolio, as well as execute trades and analyze market trends.

Bullion ERP Features



Bullion ERP software typically includes features such as inventory management, trading and execution, accounting and financial reporting, compliance and regulatory reporting, real-time pricing updates, multi-language support, reporting and analytics, mobile accessibility, and integration with other financial systems. This allows users to track and manage their bullion inventory, execute trades, and comply with regulations, all while analyzing market trends and making informed investment decisions.

Hedging features in Sun Facets ERP

We are providing new Features in the ERP where system will automatically pass corresponding Hedging voucher with same Metal QTY. and Metal Value in case of Metal Sales or Metal Purchase.

We are providing following features under this Module –

  • Providing Separate account for Purchase and sales hedging in metal cost centre.
  • Providing auto fixing option to corresponding sale and purchase invoice.
  • User can keep separate accounts for Metal Payment and Metal receipt voucher as well.
  • Metal receipt and metal payment related hedging will also be separate.
  • System will auto print corresponding Hedging voucher with Sales or Purchase voucher.
  • User can able to check hedging detail from Sale or Purchase voucher itself in system.
  • System will provide Inventory and financial Report include and exclude Hedging.

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