Audit & Assurance

Providing assurance services under various statutes
across various industries for the past several years.

Ensuring Accuracy and Compliance with Audit and Assurance Services

Financial Statements Audit (Audit of financial statements as per local accounting laws)
- Risk Advisory, Internal & Management Audit (Comprehensive evaluation of internal controls, internal systems and internal processes in organizations and recommending areas for improvement.)

Internal Financial Controls (Help organization transition to a process based approach for financial control compliance, identifying effective ways to appropriately reduce effort through better risk assessment, scoping and use to technology).

- Forensic Audit (Undertaken at the specific request of the management, private equity funds or regulators to detect fraud, misappropriation of resources, bribery, misconduct or other financial irregularities.)
- Tax Audit (To check if company has proper controls in place to ensure compliances with tax laws.)


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